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Roland® D-50 Key Contact Cleaning

It's time to clean the Roland D-50 key contacts.  Wash your hands because you might touch the contacts.

We will use cotton swabs and isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol, at least a 91% solution, available at drug stores.

Avoid 70% solutions because they don't evaporate as quickly, or cleanly, and can over-wet the carbon contacts.

Even a 97% solution might take a day or two to dry out before the contacts operate normally.

Don't use a lot of alcohol.  Just slightly moisten the swabs then softly wipe the black, printed circuit contacts (right).

Using Alcohol to Clean the PC Board Contacts

Also swab the black, button contacts on the underside of the rubber strips (right).

Again, use small amounts of liquid and avoid scrubbing the contacts.

This particular PC board and strip set had lots of surrounding debris.

In this case, swab or brush the debris away.  You don't want it to work its way under any of the rubber strips.

Cleaning the D-50 Key Contact Strips.

This photo shows two misbehaving key contacts on the right and four cleaned contacts on the left.

Be sure to swap away any debris from inside the rubber domes and from along the bottom surface of the strips.

When a strip is ready to reinstall, inspect it again under a magnifier, blowing or brushing off any remaining specs.

Sometimes a button contact will tear away from the rubber strip so make sure none of them are torn.  Damaged strips should be replaced and can be purchased from our store.

Dirt on the Roland D-50 Key Contacts

Use an unbent paper clip to reinstall the strips, inserting the big nibs into their holes first, then the small ones.

Be sure to install the strips with the proper edge toward the front of the keyboard.  Otherwise, note velocity sensing won't work properly.

Installing Roland D-50 Contact Strips

After inserting all the nibs, go over them again, making sure they're fully seated and that the strip surface is flush with the PC board at all points.

Run you fingernail along the strip's edges to make sure there are no air gaps between the strip and the board.

Pay special attention to the corners because they're the most prone to lifting up.

Don't panic if the keyboard gets worse after cleaning.  It can take a day or two for the contacts to fully dry out.

Key Contact Strip Nibs

Roland® D-50

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