Did you ever wonder whether your dead rig was due to blown speakers or a blown amp?

Here's a way to see if your speakers are working, anywhere, with no meters.

Your amp, of course, should be turned OFF.


  1. Plug one end of a speaker cord into your speaker cabinet.
    To test a combo amp, unplug the speaker cord from the rear panel of the amp.

  2. Butt either end of a flashlight battery (C, D, or AA) against the tip of the plug on the free end of the speaker cord.

  3. Hold one end of a wire (a metal coat hanger works) to the battery's opposite end.

  4. Touch the other end of the wire to the plug's shaft, as shown below.

    If you don't hear crackle, then the speaker is bad.
    If you do hear crackle, then the amp is bad.


Makeshift Speaker test

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