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Buyer Comments - Jacks

Hello, I just wanted to write a thank you for your guide on fixing the broken jack of an M Audio Keystation 88es. I purchased a pair of jacks (an extra just in case...) from your website and followed your tutorial. I'm helping a friend put together a DAW and his 88es was broken just as your site had shown - we were going to resort to using the midi out instead of USB (which showed up as 'unknown device'), but I came upon your site and less than a week later I've received the part and got it working properly with the USB. This saved having to get it professionally fixed or buy a multi MIDI port hub/switching midi cables in out. Thanks for putting such detailed tutorials up online and selling the parts! It saved me a big headache as my friend is less technically inclined (hates traditional midi cables, getting him to be comfortable with one is a chore) and would've just tried to find a new keyboard for a repair that costs less than $10 to make with a soldering iron.


Rich, just wanted to say thank you. The jacks were a perfect fit. Just what my old amp needed.

Hey Rich, just got my order and am very pleased. If you have a client/testimonial page, I'd be happy to leave a review. Fast shipping, great prices and service. Thank you!

Hi Richard,
Just a quick note to let you know i received the input jacks today, thanks for the quick shipping, most appreciated! Will be putting them in tonight.

Steven McDevitt

Thank you for your good service. The jacks were a perfect fit and all is well.

Jack sockets arrived. Thanks for the smooth transaction.
Kind regards.
Bob King, Germany

Thanks Rich, jack was hard to find. You're a lifesaver. Nothing on Ebay.


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