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Repair Stories
SVT Classic Shuts Off
SVT-VR Won't Balance
DeVille Input Jack
Mini-Twin Conversion
Princeton 5F2-A ReCap
Super Twin Inspection
703-C Filter Caps
DSL100 Choke & Bleed
6505+ Tube Filaments
Classic-30 Repair
Little Giant Mk 3
Valvetronix AD50VT
MPC2000XL Jog Wheel
SQ-2 Battery Change
Mini Compact Dividers
01/W Keybed Removal
Karma Key Contacts
M1 Worn-Out Buttons
Poly-61 Envelopes & Battery Change
Triton Disassembly
Triton Wornout Button
X3 Worn-out Buttons
X3 Floppy Drive
Keys & Contacts:  M1, 01W, triton, i30 ...
KeyStation USB Jack
Micromoog Repair
Minimoog Bushings
Prodigy Key Contacts
Rogue Power Jack
D-50 Key Contacts
TR-808 Problems
Juno-60 Key Contacts & Battery Change
Sequential Circuits
Pro-One Key Contacts
Continental Problems
MOTIF6,7 Disassembly
MOTIF Worn-out Buttons
Keys & Contacts:  MOTIF, ES, DX7, SY85
SY77 Battery Change
Installing IC Sockets
Soldering Phone Plugs
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Minimoog Key Bushings

Key bushings dry out and crumble over time, causing mechanical noise and poor keyboard action.  This story fixes that.

Minimoog Synthesizer New Bushings

Korg Triton Buttons

How to replace worn-out tactile switches in a Korg Triton workstation.

Korg Triton-pro Tactile Switches

Ampeg SVT Classic

This SVT-CL bass amp would shut down quickly after turning it on.  What was the fault?

Ampeg SVT Classic Back in Action

Fender Hot Rod DeVille

How to remove & replace a broken input jack on many Fender 1988 to 1999 guitar amps.

Fender HotRod DeVille 4-Pin Input Jack

Farfisa Mini-Compact Repair

This vintage compact organ had problems with the circuits that divide down the top octave into the lower octaves.

Farfisa Mini-Compact Troubleshooting the Dividers

Marshall JCM2000 DSL100

We change the output transformer and add a filter choke to this Marshall DSL100.

DSL100 Treble-Bleed Cap DSL100 Output Transformer

Micromoog Repair

This little monophonic synth, made between 1975 & 1979, has a really fat, patented sound and is sturdy and easy to use.

Micromoog Synth Restoration Underway

Korg X3

How to remove & replace the old floppy-disk drive belt that keeps the X3 drive from being "ready".

Korg X3 Floppy Drive Belt

Peavey 6505+ Guitar Amp

A fried interconnect prevented the output tube filaments from heating up.  The 5150 has had the same problem.

Peavey 6505+ Shorted Header and Pins

Yamaha MOTIF

How to replace worn-out tactile switches in a Yamaha MOTIF keyboard.

Yamaha MOTIF Replacing the MOTIF buttons
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